It’s coming along

My mother and I were talking about the difference between our first home remodel and now this one (2nd home), it has been like night and day. I have yet to ask my contractor about anything;  when I get home from work, I am surprised at how things are coming along and yesterday I was super excited to see the flooring started. My mom and I came home after purchasing the bathroom tile, ceiling fans, bathroom vanity and we followed him into the house to see the progress and we were wowed again!

This is the bathroom tile and it is absolutely beautiful, I cannot wait to see it installed!

Here is the vanity, that we literally got for a steal because it was the display and the last one, so we were given a great discount!

The flooring and ceiling fans.

On a personal note, I have started eating Paleo and I cannot deny that it is a bit scary mentioning it, I want to really change my eating habits because I’ve had so many stomach issues and I know what causes it…grains, legumes, and other carbs, so I have decided to start a 30-day reset and I am literally going to pray myself through because I am notorious for starting something and not following through.

Below is a photo of the cup of coffee I made this morning that was pretty amazing, even without my 1/2 cup of french vanilla coffee-mate (I know it’s a lot); I made it with 1 tbsp of coconut oil, a splash of vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, honey and a little bit of creamer powder (I don’t think that’s Paleo). I then placed in my Ninja blender to blend 🙂 and it was frothy and delicious!

I have a couple of photography gigs coming up, so I purchased a new diffuser and had to try it out, I am loving it! See below.

Have a great day everyone!



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