US   /ˈwɪt̬·iusing words in an amusing and intelligent way; full of wit:

a witty remark
think she’s one of the wittiest comics on television.
  • A witty remark is a witticism.


noun [ U ]

US   /ˈsɑrˌkæz·əmliterature remarks that mean the opposite of what they say made to criticize someone or something in a way that is amusing to others but annoying to the person criticized:

biting/heavy sarcasm

I don’t know why sarcasm popped into my head when I thought of witty. I believe some people who are sarcastic think they are witty but as you see from the meaning, one is not like the other. I know lots of sarcastic people but not many witty.  By no means am I saying that I am witty but I think I can spot the difference.

Image result for police commissioner reagan

TV Witty character ~ Police Commissioner Reagan (Blue Bloods)

TV Sarcastic character ~ Dr. Gregory House (House)

I enjoy both of these shows and these characters but I would much rather spend time with PC Reagan, I know I would feel stupid around Dr. House and I’d have to hurt him, not really.


Then there’s this, “I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions” (Proverbs 8:12).  Common sense lives with wisdom and finds out what’s behind the amusing design.

So, I would much rather have wisdom than wit or sarcasm. I think sometimes we can be ready to make a judgment call through those two instead of being wise and expressing love to one another. Wit and Sarcasm CAN be self-focused, not saying that it always is but I want to express wisdom and think of others better than myself and love others as much as I love myself. This is quite a task, that of myself, I cannot achieve but I praise God that I do not have to depend on me but on Him!

If we would only remember this when we are dealing with one another and our disagreements maybe we could come to an agreement and still respect one another, and Christian, we can be a beacon of light and display our Saviors personality, love.



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