Day 23

I love how my little Damien is maturing, yesterday before going to his catechism class he said he wanted to go to church first, hee hee, he meant he wanted to go through the main building, so he went around saying hi to everyone, shaking the men’s hands and hugging the ladies; he made sure that when he saw someone he had not met before he introduced himself,  Damien Alexander Mendez, I just love that kid!

I was able to spend some time with my daughter and my new little love “Ricky Blue Eyes,” he was fighting taking a nap–I don’t understand why little one’s fight nap time, I would totally just close my eyes and go to sleep–but he finally gave in, in my mom’s arms. He’s such a precious little thing!

So there is still so much for me to do, I need to buy Kitchen Sink (Apron, so excited about that) Bathroom Vanity and Mirror, Toilet, Faucets, Barn Door (between rooms), Cabinets, and Hardware. Man, good times!

Windows are in, here are the Kitchens.

Living Room, my son-in-law’s 65″ 4k is going to look amazing on this wall!

In other news, Chip and Joanna Gains are ending their Fixer Upper show, this 5th season is their last, boohoo! I love their story and work, I love how they were determined to bring success to their town; they used all local artisans for work, I believe they have inspired so many people to restore, remodel, and look at decorating differently. I read their book “The Magnolia Story” as well, I received it as a Christmas gift and it was touching because she reveals her journey to the show. They had a small designing store before they had babies but when she was expecting her second she knew God would be pleased for her to stay home and be a mommy, she also felt that God had bigger and better things ahead for them but she needed to wait upon Him and the rest is history. I also love that they are breaking from their popularity and newly found fame for more time with their family, they did not have to but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is something that God laid on their hearts.

Image result for fixer upper photo season 4

These things come and go but raising your children, whom we are accountable to God for, do not! Wishing Chip and Joanna the very best and always honor God first and these things shall be added unto you!

Have a great day everyone!



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