The Eclipse and The Project

The Eclipse Fever hit me a little late but it hit me. My co-worker was all excited and sent us a link to make a safe way of viewing the eclipse, so we made it and ran outside to view and everyone else was there as well. We had a great time!




The folks looking cool with their fancy shades.



Today was Day 1 of our remodeling/restoring project, as you can see walls came down and it was great to see, one more wall to come down.

Between Room 1 and 2

Before: notice wall is down that was dividing bedrooms and creating a hallway.

Other side of Room 2


The Bathroom


The Living Room

Before: a wall was put up to divide the Living Room and Dining Room and create a bedroom, that was removed in the photo above.

Before: there is the wall that came down.

The Dining Room


Looking into the Kitchen

Before: Kitchen, very small but the wall that is separating the laundry room will be coming down to make a larger area.

The Kitchen


From the Kitchen looking into the Dining Room and Living Room




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