October Challenge and a New One?

Last month I was challenged to add one fall photo a day and I did it! It made me think about photography every day, I loved it! I would like to challenge others for the month of November, to add one photo a day that depicts what you are grateful for, if you’re up for it, use the #apgrateful4 when posting your photo on Instagram or Facebook. Let’s show gratitude!


Here are some of my #pmgridchallenge photos:


Have a great day!



Wrong and Right

Broken together.

God brings healing.

God fills the heart with love for the broken.

We can forgive others because He forgave us.

We can be free. YOU can be free.

When I take my eyes off of Christ, I see your flaws and mine.

Who is right, who is wrong?

God knows.

My Dream

You know how sometimes you think about your dreams and what they are? I am reading a book that triggered something that I have never thought about. When I was young I wanted to be a wife, mother, and everything that came along with that, then it hit me, God gave me my greatest dream. I can’t explain how wonderful that fulfilled dream is; the heartache; the joy; the doubt; the fear; etc. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I love what God has done and given me, I am so grateful for all of it. How could I not be? ALL things work together for good…(Romans 8:28). When He says ALL, that is exactly what He means and what He has done in my life; how can I refrain from praising Him, giving Him His due! All that I am, all that I have, and I my future is all due to Him.

I know God will fulfill my other dreams at His time!


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I’m Chugging Along

In the past 2 weeks I have cheated at least 3 times but that’s because we are officially going to start after March 9, per a request. Those exceptions have been made because it was my birthday and I could not…not have dessert, they have been minor discretions 🙂 so it hasn’t made much of an impact. I have not felt deprived and the cravings have pretty much ended, I am so grateful for that. I am enjoying painless, non-bloatedness, not feeling guilty, no digestive problem eating for at least 2 weeks, that is so exciting for me. I have more energy and I don’t huff and puff climbing stairs anymore and I noticed all of that only 7 days into it.

I don’t ever want to go back to eating the way I did, I’m praying to that end. It’s been easier than I expected, so grateful!

Have a great day!

My Whole 30 Journey

5th Day

Feeling great and I’m so scared that somehow I will sabotage myself, as I always do but I’m praying that it won’t happen this time because it’s for my health. I haven’t had belly pain for at least 5 days, it happened pretty fast for me. I’m looking forward to living this way for the rest of my days because I’m feeling so great right now.

Have a great weekend.


Weekly Challenge

Last week’s challenge was to get out and shoot some winter photography. Maybe you already tried some macro then – if not, now’s your chance. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash Weekly Photography Challenge – Macro Close-ups of snow, icicles, frost patterns, etc., can be stunningly beautiful. So bundle up, grab your macro lens or…

via Weekly Photography Challenge – Macro or Close-Up Photography — Digital Photography School

New Toy

For Christmas, my daughter and son-in-law gifted me a wonderful little toy, lenses for my phone! On the 29th my youngest daughter and I shot a wedding and were able to use my new toy. Here are some shots:

The Venue was the California Country Club in Whittier, look at that view!

This was using the Macro lens, they’re not as sharp as I would like them to be but that wasn’t the lens’ fault it was a User Error.

Another beautiful view using the wide angle lens.

This photo was shot with my Big Girl camera. I just love this shot; the groom started talking about his bride and she was not expecting that, so this is her being a little shy.

My daughter recorded this video with the wide-angle lens.

My daughter and I always have such a good time photographing people!

Have a great day everyone!




Great article for those of us who coach for a living.

Each of us have natural tendencies and habits. Leaders are no different. We might love to share our sage advice, to be problem solvers, or to play the devil’s advocate. But these tendencies and habits, if overused, can have a downside. Here are some commonly overused leadership habits and alternatives we might put in their […]

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It’s Been a While

Part of the reason that I have not posted is that our contractor was away for 3 weeks due to a family emergency but once he was back it has started to move along nicely again!

Since there is only one bathroom the commode it needed to be a good one, so I believe we purchased 2nd to the most expensive.

The linen closet has been put in but the casing has not been added yet in this photo.

The cabinets have arrived and installed, we are waiting for the counter-tops to be installed by the end of this week.

This view is from the dining-room. My grandson is such a ham and thought the purpose of me taking the photo is to get him in it.

I took this photo earlier in the day.

Here you see the peninsula.

This view is from the back door.

My grandson helped Nana make pigs-in-a-blanket.

We then made Lucky Charms crispy treats.

Photo of my little sweets from last week.

My grandsons are just so precious!

Have a great day!